A Change in Overall Organizational Behavior and Change Management

By kwproduction

April 10, 2021

A Change in Overall Organizational Behavior and Change Management

Do you know organizational behavior and change management are closely related to each other and how they affect one another?

The answer is that- organizational behavior affects overall organizational change, and almost all management professionals should understand this relationship. Here, in this blog, you will know what organizational behavior is, how workplace culture and behavior are interrelated, and the role of change management in organizational behavior.

What Do You Understand By Organizational Behavior?

The answer is, organizational behavior is how the employees behave in the workplace. In this section, organizational behavior includes-

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  1. How The Employees Are Reacting in Groups- It includes how the workplace groups are reacting and conducting with other groups and how the teams are behaving. Some of the behavioral characteristics are being cooperative, competitive, uncooperative, passive, proactive, etc.
  2. Realizing The Motivation and Employee Sentiment- It includes considering employee sentiment, satisfaction, motivation, moral values, and other vital aspects that impact their behaviors. The employee experience directly impacts emotions, which results in how the people will act and behave.
  3. Measuring Performance and Productivity- One of the easiest ways to calculate the employees’ performance and productivity is, by observing the employee’s behavior. One of the major factors impacting employee performance is measuring employee experience, satisfaction level, morale, and engagement.
  4. Nurturing The Culture- We all know that every organization has a unique culture and it is largely related to employee behavior. A culture is centred on proactive learning as it fosters behavior that helps in learning new ideas and adapting to changes.

How Organizational Behavior and Change Management Are Related

Improving organizational behavior is a path to success; and workplace behavior, attitudes, and culture affect change management in several ways. Some examples are-

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  1. Increased Levels of Efficiency- better attitude and behaviors can lead to greater cooperation and less resistance to change which further increase the level of work efficiency.
  2. Timelines and Deadlines- More cooperative and efficient teams will execute and complete the projects faster.
  3. Teamwork- Better attitudes and varity in behavior is often related to good team synergy. Good work can dramatically improve workplace change results.
  4. Project Outcomes- As said above, more engaged employees are more productive, and they can perform better. It will, in turn, produce better results for the changing projects.
  5. Shorter Learning Curves- Behavior and cultures that are pro-learning will reduce the resistance to learning new skills. That particular motivation will then translate into efficient worker training and short time competency.

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