Organizational Health Assessment


The best way to operate a business is to balance short-term performance and long-term organizational health. Healthy companies are likely to outperform their peers. This is why at KW Productions; we believe that you should start managing your organizational health as emphatically as you do your P&L.

Organizational health assessments are a diagnostic tool to assess the ability of an organization to align around a shared vision, execute strategies accordingly, and restore itself through creative thinking and innovation.


An organizational needs assessment is meant to:

Understanding Organizational Readiness Assessment

An organizational readiness assessment refers to a measurement of the preparedness of an organization to undergo change or take over a significant new project. It is not wise to lay your feet in the world of uncertainty without knowing if you have access to the resources to attain the goals.

In other words, while deciding whether you should take on a new project, you must conduct an organizational readiness assessment to determine whether you will be successful in the endeavor.

A readiness assessment evaluates the following:

Why is the Assessment of Organizational Culture Critical?

An organizational culture assessment is a process of encouraging organizations to differentiate between ideal and current culture. It includes evaluating an organization’s expectations, philosophy, experiences, and values. Following are a few survey questions to help you with culture assessment:

Based on the responses from employees, you understand where you stand as an organization in terms of culture. At KW Productions, we are keen to help you with choosing the right organizational development assessment tool. So, if you want to work with us to improve organizational productivity and success, get in touch now!