Why Organizational Health Assessment is Important?

By kwproduction

May 31, 2021

Why Organizational Health Assessment is Important?

An organizational health assessment is an in-depth analysis of your agency. It is an audit typically conducted by an organizational health consultant. The professional conducting the assessment will review all aspects of your agency, including your people, structure, operations, recruiting, training, revenue, compliance, and strategic plan. While some of the issues may be apparent, you will uncover hidden risks and problems that can be detrimental to your organization’s health and agency’s success.

Why Hiring an Organizational Health Consultant Matters?

It’s challenging to be impartial about your agency. An Organizational health consultant can conduct an organizational assessment with the right level of scrutiny and emotional distance. Experienced consultants know all of the latest regulations, industry requirements, and best practices to fully assess every area that needs improvement.

Benefits of an Organizational Assessment

Many organizational agencies avoid organizational assessments because of their perceived cost. Unfortunately, many agencies don’t weigh the cost of an assessment against the cost of leaving their liabilities undiscovered. In addition to improving efficiency and finding leaky revenue streams, an assessment helps your agency get into compliance with state and federal regulations.

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These regulations continue to change, and organizational health assessments pinpoint areas where your agency needs to fix compliance issues. If you fail to do so, it can result in losing medical insurance reimbursements, licensing, or even facing legal problems down the road. An assessment keeps your agency viable in an unstable economy, and that isn’t something you can put a price on.

An organizational assessment can also evaluate your quality of service. Knowing that your agency’s reputation is critical for your success, an assessment can identify any customer service challenges. It can help improve areas and increase client satisfaction ratings.

Examples of Successful Organizational Assessments

An organizational assessment unearths opportunities to increase revenue, eliminate waste, and boost performance. Some examples include discovering:

Learn about Performing Organizational Assessments

  • Why has your agency seen a dramatic decrease in referrals? – You may find that customers are seeking resources from other agencies since policies have been implemented that consequently extend timelines.
  • You’re losing money on development programs or other training areas. – Improper management of development programs have not allowed equal opportunities for all to have access to development programs at your agency.
  • Your agency has increasing turnover – You may find that your field staff morale is low because they do not feel appreciated for the work they do so they have started to seek other employment opportunities.
  • Performance issues – You may identify sales team members who are not making enough sales to cover their salaries, let alone additional revenue. Get to the root of the issue.
  • Training and education needs –assessment of your staff’s skills may indicate that performance could be improved with education programs.

An organizational assessment is a valuable tool to identify your agency’s areas for improvement. But that’s just the beginning of the process. The next step is to create a strategic plan that puts you on the right growth path. KW Productions offers a new perspective with innovative tools for organizations to spark change.

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