How To Assess Employee Engagement The Right Way?

By kwproduction

June 8, 2022

How To Assess Employee Engagement The Right Way?

To boost employee engagement, you need to know how well your organization is doing and the areas you can improve. Knowing how to assess employee engagement is the starting point for evolving your engagement strategy.

Some things are easy to assess because they are concrete, individual concepts. However, employee engagement is a bit more complex. It is not concrete and is influenced by several factors.

All organizations are unique. Therefore, it is no surprise that how you engage employee engagement will look different too. An Employee engagement assessment helps you understand how to engage them to work best for your organization.

You need to understand and improve your engagement initiatives.

Why assess employee engagement?

Before diving into measuring employee engagement, let us review how we define it.

Employee engagement is the strength of employees’ emotional and mental connection to their workplaces.

According to research, organizations with highly engaged employees have 17% higher productivity and 21% higher profitability. That means engaged employees work harder and retain longer.

However, you cannot engage employees if you do not understand what is engaging them in the first place. An employee engagement assessment helps you understand what your employees think your organization does well and the areas to improve.

Key benefits of an employee engagement assessment:

To identify strengths, weak points, and “hidden truths”: Assessing engagement helps you handle obstacles before they become problems. You could also use engagement data to showcase what is going well and connect weaker teams to stronger ones.

To build trust: Asking for employee feedback shows that you care for their opinions and how they feel. Prove that you are there to listen and that you want to create the best working experience possible.

To help everyone know what is going on: Once you have the information, it is time to share it with everyone, including leaders, front-line employees and managers. This gives everyone the scope to help contribute to better workplace culture.

To understand trends: Understand what is happening in your organization by a team, over time, or compared to industry benchmarks. Keep a tab on how and where the organization is progressing.

Developing an employee engagement assessment strategy

Organizations can launch a survey, write survey questions, and get great survey participation. However, what happens after the survey has closed?

When designing an engagement survey, start at the end. So, first, determine the impact you want the survey to have and work backward from there.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Who will be taking action after the survey results?
What does that action look like?
Who will be held accountable for following up on these survey results?

While crafting your employee engagement survey, measure answers to these questions and always include managers in the process. At KW Productions, we are committed to encouraging businesses to help measure employee engagement and create a better workplace culture, ensuring better outcomes. Contact us for more information.

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