How Can You Assess Leadership Within An Existing Command Structure?

By kwproduction

June 6, 2022

How Can You Assess Leadership Within An Existing Command Structure?

In every organization, leadership forms an integral quality that ensures structured and efficient progress. The reason is that without adequate leadership, the organization would seize cease to grow and progress, belying the fact that their day-to-day activities would not have any direction, not to mention that long-term goals would remain vague and unprogressive.

The need for assessing leadership

In our modern world, fostering leadership is usually achieved through conscious focus and the hard work of personal and collective improvement. Thus, this improvement requires understanding leadership competencies, striving for self-awareness, and a willingness to continue growing.

This necessitates the need for a reliable form of leadership potential assessment. Furthermore, experts have a range of opinions on what traits define great leadership, at times based on their own values or biases. However, there is not just one type of leader. Rather, great leaders possess a constellation of competencies, such as self-motivations, fostering a following, the ability to sway others and be charismatic, self-awareness, and the ability to regulate emotions and social skills.

How do you assess leadership?

Leadership is a systematic collection of skills, mindsets, and habits. These can be learnt and strengthened with time and effort. These great leaders are a result of self-improvement and training, not just innate qualities.


This approach to assessing leadership and management strengths deals with examining skills. Thus, observing a manager’s ability to plan, persuade, and solve problems is a good example. This means that planning skills include goal setting and creating objectives that point toward the goal. The whole point of persuasion influence is to foster team-building skills and the ability to motivate subordinates and convince persuade superiors. In addition, Therefore, problem-solving relates to a leader or manager’s skill at finding answers in response to complex situations and creating several different methods for resolving conflicting company needs.


The ability to assess leaders and managers based on their personality traits and approaches to dealing with people and problems is a result of applying emotional intelligence. Thus, the first step is to evaluate their emotional intelligence, clarity of communication, the ability to form alliances, and tolerance for ambiguity and stress. Although these attributes may require you to make some subjective determinations, a particular checklist can perpetually keep you aware of signals that leaders and managers give that indicate they have these attributes.


Observing leadership styles that work best for your company and maybe even include something like if you create a relaxed atmosphere, an about-turn authoritarian style may not work in your business. Thus, think about the management or leadership styles you want to encourage. The qualities manifested by this include being charismatic, democratic, laissez-faire, relational, and transformational in styles, to name a few examples.


Finally, opting for a results-oriented assessment of managers and leaders is another good strategy. Thus, using results as your guide, you can prioritize it over then maybe ignore style, attributes, and even skills and simply search for people who get the job done. Should you choose this route, you must, therefore, make sure that the leadership approach does not violate any of your company values.

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