What Is It About Project Communication Management?

By kwproduction

February 8, 2022

What Is It About Project Communication Management?

With thousands of different ways people converse, it is no wonder communication can get tricky on occasion. We have all had experiences where we find it hard to establish a common ground. Sometimes, even if we speak the same language, it seems like a minefield to make ourselves understood.

A lack of communication is one of the major complaints in project management. Communication can make or break a project. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore why your business’s growth may depend on effective project communication management.

Why is Communication in Project Management?

We all know that communication is important. When communication goes wrong, it leads to disastrous consequences in terms of project delivery and successful outcomes. To be honest, projects are all about change. Change management theorists believe that building a suitable environment for change is crucial in completing a successful project.

When effective communication is not in place, things start to go haywire. It is annoying for team members to complete a task to realize two other people were also working on the same. The result of ineffective communication may lead in a situation where team members do not realize the task was their responsibility, causing confusion and disappointment.

On the other hand, good communication results in greater team efficiency & cohesion, not to mention the amount of time and effort wasted on repeated tasks. There is no denying that wasted time lessens the overall value of the project and is disheartening for everyone involved in the project.

Benefits of Effective Communication Management

When effective communication strategies are in place, the right people are more likely to get the right information whenever they need it. Thus, time and effort are not wasted in the process, increasing the efficiency of the project.

When team members do not have the proper information, they are likely to work from assumptions. Of course, this will lead to mistakes, frustration, disappointment, and a great deal of confusion. When good communication takes place, there comes clarity among members, not to mention the reduced amount of mistakes overall.

An effective project communication strategy means only those who need the info receive it. Early release of confidential information could lead to reputational or,  worse,  financial risk of the company.

Principles of Effective Communication Management

Processes and skills are the two principles of effective communication management. So what process should you follow to ensure timely project completion?

The process of effective project communication management revolves around:

  • Planning communications management
  • Managing communications
  • Monitoring communication

As already mentioned, without proper communication, project management has no foundation. Therefore, be cautious as the lack of transparency can make a project suffer irreversible damage.

At KW Productions, we help businesses to have access to the tools and resources needed to establish effective communication. Please do not hesitate to consult our expert consultants today.

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