Pets or No Pets??!!??

By kwproduction

December 3, 2018


Pets or No Pets??!!??

If you have grown up with pets as a part of your household then you may feel strongly that they are equally a member of your household. Some people on the other hand have not been around pets for other reasons maybe they had allergies or their parents had allergies or a fear of dogs or cats, so pets were not a common part of growing up. I have met people from both sides of the spectrum. Some of my friends treat their pets like actual people. They feed them from spoons and carry them in handbags and have seatbelts for them in the car. Then some of my friends despise pets. They probably would run over cats or dogs legitimately to free the world of them…
So where do you stand? Are they pets to you? or Pests to you? or family to you?
We are going to have a few guest on our show to tell us: What’s really going on?: with pets… Hate them or Love them?

*Disclaimer* The point of our show is to educate and shine light onto experiences of all kinds. We want to educate the world on causes that are common and unique so we can be less ignorant of experiences and more tolerant of each others’ lives. Thank you.

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