The image that an individual has of their own self is the most easily distorted by external influence. Sometimes trusting your own perception is challenging because it requires faith in your own judgments. However, it is crucial to trust your own judgment because it is a key aspect of decision-making.


At every level of an organization, it is essential to be able to make decisions at some point or the other and to uphold the responsibilities of these decisions. The critical aspect here is that decision-making is a key skill in the repertoire of every business professional.


Stress is as common in an organization as leadership. It is crucial to be able to handle stress in the best way possible and handle it in a healthy and productive manner. Stress management is essential for individuals at all levels of the organization in order to increase their work efficiency.

How to create parameters for measuring an individual’s emotional intelligence?

The EQI 2.0 CONSULTATION tool allows you to have a way of quantifiably measuring emotional intelligence. Utilizing it helps in creating an ideal work-life balance that contributes to maximizing your work efficiency.

Organizations of all sizes have one aspect in common—People. It is so difficult to measure an individual’s intangible elements like leadership, stress management, and emotional intelligence; however, these qualities are critical to determining that individual’s performance regardless of what role they play in the organization’s functioning as well as being a measuring point for their potential. Generally, these qualities are noticed; however, quantifying them is a different experience, especially emotional intelligence. The EQI 2.0 CONSULTATION allows you the opportunity to answer a few questions and determine your emotional intelligence, which is critical to measuring your work output and sustained efficiency at any level of the organization.