Premier Package: F-SET Inventory with Expert Coaching


Includes the premier F-SET Inventory assessment tool designed to measure necessary components for the modern day woman’s success. The premier F-SET Inventory packages offers the individual an opportunity to measure their skillsets with a proven model of leadership and explore avenues and opportunities for development tailored in a 1-on-1 coaching session with a certified F-SET expert transforming your session and results for your level of expertise.

The F-SET Inventory has been used in the guidance and transformation consultation of women in various professions and career levels. This unique and sophisticated tool is given in combination with a personalized interview with our certified expert consultants. We provide each participant with their results in an F-SET Inventory “Pocketbook” that is filled with areas of opportunity for self-development and personal transformation towards the career and/or life plan of the participant. (Special rates available for military and students).

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