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The faerie queene: notes by Harold Martin Priest PDF

By Harold Martin Priest

ISBN-10: 0822004526

ISBN-13: 9780822004523

Via tales of chivalric adventures, this poem is meant to offer the profile of "the ideal gentleman" of the sixteenth century. either as a story of those adventures and as an allegory, this literary masterpiece has remained a favourite of hundreds of thousands.

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Made of snow and mercury and inhabited by a sprite, she is referred to as the False or Snowy Florimell. Braggadocchio snatches her from the witch's son but soon loses her to another knight. The true Florimell is rescued from the lustful fisher by the sea-god Proteus and taken to his marine palace. When he is unable to seduce her, he imprisons her in a sea cavern. Malbecco, an old miser, jealously guards his beautiful young wife Hellenore until she elopes with Sir Paridell. Paridell soon deserts her and she joins a band of satyrs.

He captured the shield of love, boldly attacked and invaded the castle and garden of Venus. There in a temple among the devotees, he found and led away the lovely Amoret, only to have her abducted at the wedding feast by Busirane. Marinell, who has been restored to health, attends the wedding of the rivers Thames and Medway in the ocean depths. By chance he discovers Florimell in the cave of Proteus, and they become engaged with his mother's blessing. Book V Artegall, champion of Justice, was trained by Astraea and assigned Talus, the iron man with the flail, for her squire.

University of Colorado Consulting Editor James L. D. Department of English University of Nebraska ISBN 0-8220-0452-6 � Copyright 1968 by Cliffs Notes, Inc. A. , and may not be used in whole or in part without written permission. Cliffs Notes, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska Page 3 Contents Introduction 5 Life of Spenser 6 The Faerie Queene Historical Background 8 Literary Background 9 Language 10 Prosody 11 Plan of the Poem 12 Allegory 13 A Brief Synopsis 15 Summaries and Commentaries Book 1 22 Book 2 39 Book 3 56 Book 4 75 Book 5 91 Book 6 109 Book 7 123 List of Characters 127 Review Questions and Essay Topics 133 Selected Bibliography 136 Page 5 Introduction Diverse admirers have applied various well-meaning labels to Spenser.

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The faerie queene: notes by Harold Martin Priest

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