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By Avi Wortis

"When you're lifeless, you're dead,"" his uncle tells him, yet John Proud fears another way. The sixteen-year-old's namesake, his great-great-great-great-grandfather, who died again in 1854, was once discovered to blame of being a demon and hanged. Now his malevolent spirit is again, wreaking havoc and searching out a fit new physique to take over.Sixteen-year-old John Proud discovers his family's darkish secret'in 1854 an ancestral namesake confessed to being a demon. Now John unearths himself fighting his ancestor who's attempting to use John for an evil goal. Mounting suspense plus the definite draw of occult horror will maintain readers turning the pages.

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Our contemporary debasement of Gnosticism goes under the name of the New Age, a panoply wide enough to embrace Shirley MacLaine and Mrs. Arianna Huffington, in which Ms. MacLaine worships Ms. MacLaine (with some justification) and Mrs. Huffington reveres Mrs. Huffington (with perhaps less). ” But mere Gnosticism, as I conceive it, is rather more modest, and can be less ecstatically conveyed. Return again to your own earliest memories, not of your contexts nor of your empirical self, but of your deeper self, your sense of your own individuality.

Gnosis depends upon distinguishing the psyche, or soul, from the deep self, which pragmatically means that any strengthening of the psy22 che depends upon acquaintance with the original self, already one with God. Originality is as much the mark of historical Gnosticism as it is of canonical Western literature; that Lewis simultaneously deprecates both the self and originality confirms the Gnostic negative analysis of those who assert that they live by faith rather than by knowledge. Christian “faith” is pistis, a believing that something was, is, and will be so.

Our American Religion, whether homegrown or ostensibly Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant, is more of a Gnostic amalgam than a European kind of historical and doctrinal Christianity, though very few are able to see this, or perhaps most don’t wish to see it. Some alarmed Catholic priests trying to hold on against the angry feminists of Woman Church–a fierce, huge coven that threatens to seize the church in many places–have become aware of their danger, and there are a handful or so of mainline Protestant ministers who now understand that their neo-orthodoxy is yielding to a populist neo-Gnosticism.

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