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Download PDF by John Holm: An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles (Cambridge Textbooks

By John Holm

ISBN-10: 0511039859

ISBN-13: 9780511039850

ISBN-10: 0521584604

ISBN-13: 9780521584609

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This textbook is a transparent and concise advent to the research of the way new languages come into being. beginning with an outline of the field's easy ideas, it surveys the hot languages that constructed because of the ecu growth to the Americas, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. lengthy misunderstood as "bad" models of eu languages, this day such forms as Jamaican Creole English, Haitian Creole French and New Guinea Pidgin are famous as special languages of their personal correct.

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4). Van Name had a surprisingly good feel for the languages and questioned the authenticity of the passive construction in Negerhollands (p. 163; cf. 2). Yet in some respects he was rather naive; he thought that the French ‘Creole has in some cases recovered a final consonant, especially t’ (p. 131 – actually an archaic or regional feature; cf. 1) and that Papiamentu Creole Spanish ‘dipthongs [sic] ie and ue usually return to e and o, their Latin originals’ (p. 150 – actually Portuguese influence).

A be wan bun I had gone hunting with a dog of mine. He was a good onti dagu. Da fa mi waka so, a tapu wan kapasi na a hunting dog. 3 Other terms olo. A lon go so, a tyai wan he kon na a olo. hole. He ran away so, he brought a capybara into the hole. Note that unlike the pidgin text in Tok Pisin, the above creole text has an embedded subordinate clause, ‘fa mi waka so’. Before leaving our discussion of the terms pidgin and creole, a word about their origin may be of interest. The etymology of pidgin is uncertain, and an entire article has been devoted to it (Hancock 1979a).

1990, published in McWhorter 1998:800). It includes unequivocal features of modern Caribbean Creole French such as the preverbal anterior marker té and the post-nominal determiner là: Moi té tini peur bête là I ANT have fear animal DET The earliest known Portuguese creole text is a 33-sentence conversation in Malayo-Portuguese (reproduced in part in Holm 1988–9:294–5) published in 1692 by Georg Meister, a German who had been in the East Indies with the Dutch. His spelling reflects his Thuringian dialect of German and a smattering of Latin and French, but no knowledge of European Portuguese.

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An Introduction to Pidgins and Creoles (Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics) by John Holm

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