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By Susan J. Palmer

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"Skillfully weaving jointly enticing narrative and cautious sociological research, Susan Palmer has written a ground-breaking research that would be the benchmark for all destiny stories of different religions."—James R. Lewis, normal editor of The Oxford guide of latest non secular routine and writer of Legitimating New Religions "Susan Palmer has a unprecedented skill to probe past stereotypes and comprehend unconventional spiritual and social pursuits. Her most modern ebook admirably combines rigorous scholarship and sincere empathy in depicting probably the most poorly understood events of our time."—Timothy Miller, college of KansasAliens cherished is the 1st complete size, in-depth examine the Raelian circulate, a desirable new faith based within the Seventies by way of the charismatic prophet, Ra?l. Born in France as Claude Vorilhon, the previous race-car driving force based the faith after he skilled a visitation from the extraterrestrial beings (the "elohim") who, in his cosmology, created people by means of cloning themselves. The millenarian move awaits the go back of the alien creators, and meanwhile seeks to strengthen the potential for its adherents via loose love, sexual experimentation, competition to nuclear proliferation and battle, and the improvement of the technology of cloning. Sociologist Susan J. Palmer has studied the Raelian stream for greater than a decade, watching conferences and rituals and having fun with remarkable entry to the group’s leaders in addition to to its rank-and-file individuals. during this pioneering research she presents a radical research of the flow, targeting problems with sexuality, millenarianism, and the influence of the clinical worldview on faith and the surroundings. Ra?l’s radical sexual ethics, his gnostic anthropocentricism, and shallow ecotheology provide us a replicate by which we see how our worldview has been formed through the forces of globalization, postmodernism, and secular humanism.

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The Raelian Movement, born out of the ashes of MADECH in February 1976, made important changes that laid the groundwork for a viable new religion based on messages received from on high by “the last of 40 prophets” (Raël 1987a, 104). All members of the new movement had to accept the authority of the “Guide of Guides” and those he appoints, and accept the authenticity of the message. The membership was divided into two levels: the more committed “Guides,” who made up the “Structure” or hierarchy, and the more loosely affiliated “Raelians,” who paid their annual dues and received the bulletin Apocalypse.

Second, France was in the throes of flying-saucer fever by the early 1970s. French citizens had been seeing flying saucers fairly regularly since 1954, but, according to journalist Jean-Claude Bourret, a veritable flurry of flyingsaucer sightings hit France in the early to mid-1970s. ” France has a history of dramatic UFO sightings, beginning in the nineteenth century. On January 12, 1836, in Cherbourg, a glowing, doughnutshaped object two-thirds the size of the moon appeared to rotate on its axis as it flew through the sky.

Great flakes were falling from a near cloudless sky. They seemed to be made of a cottony substance, which, when touched, melted in a few seconds. Then someone shouted: “Look! ” Two luminous objects both very bright were just above us. The fall of the flakes lasted about ten minutes; then the objects suddenly disappeared. 30 A L I E N S A D O R E D The meaning of this event was that the Elohim were offering a sign so that Raël would not be the only witness to the Elohim’s activities. ” UFO religions aim to instill “a cosmic dimension into an earthbound religious worldview, and to inject into spiritual experiences the element of scientific verifiability” (Saliba 1995a, 54, 55).

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