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By A. W. Babister (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080247687

ISBN-13: 9780080247687

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In addition, references 1-4 give a comprehensive bibliography of references for estimating all these derivatives. The present 41 42 Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response notation differs from that used before 1970; a table of conversion factors when using the old symbols is given in reference 5. In this chapter we shall show how approximate values of the derivatives can be determined by a simplified analysis using strip theory, the contributions to each derivative which are due to the various parts of the aircraft being obtained separately.

Contribution of the fuselage to Y v When an aircraft is sideslipping with sideslip velocity V, the forces on the fuselage produce a side force Yg to starboard which can be expressed in the form where and 3 = V e = S% = y-ft angle of sideslip = v/V , e forward velocity of the aircraft, area of side elevation of the fuselage, = non-dimensional coefficient. 21) Y (fuselage) v and is negative. 22) 50 Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response where Sp - and a x fin area = fin lift curve slope. W e note that, in a sideslip to starboard, to port.

53) These equations involve only asymmetric disturbances (V the velocity of sideslip, cj) the angle of bank, ij; the angle of yaw, and their derivatives with respect to t). The two groups of equations can thus be solved independently, provided disturbances are small. 20 Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response AXIS SYSTEMS USED IN STABILITY ANALYSIS We are still free to fix the direction of Ox in the initial steady flight. Two systems of body axes are in common u s e , (i) wind axes (sometimes called stability axes or aerodynamic-body axes) and (ii) principal axes.

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Aircraft Dynamic Stability and Response by A. W. Babister (Auth.)

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