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Airborne Early Warning System Concepts by Maurice W. Long PDF

By Maurice W. Long

ISBN-10: 1621988538

ISBN-13: 9781621988533

ISBN-10: 1891121332

ISBN-13: 9781891121333

ISBN-10: 190504013X

ISBN-13: 9781905040131

This complete dialogue of airborne early caution (AEW) method innovations features a wide selection of matters, together with services and obstacles, developmental tendencies and possibilities for development. along with contributions from specialists within the box, the publication is gifted at various degrees of complexity, starting from common to complex. For the generalist, the textual content offers a basic realizing of the prestige of AEW suggestions with using merely easy arithmetic. For the professional, there are separate chapters that emphasize key AEW radar matters, together with such issues as airplane results on sidelobe muddle; muddle and goal types for AEW; radar parameter choice; muddle, fake alarm, and aim course facts; algorithms for a number of objective monitoring; and aim popularity procedure improvement. it will likely be a welcome library addition for the engineer, scientist, approach integrator, consumer, fashion designer, or supervisor with curiosity in AEW recommendations. it's also appropriate for college kids and professors of electric and procedure engineering or army technology.

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The "wedge" that the jammer line of bearing represents (the number of degrees of no detection due to jamming) is dependent on system design. There is no hard requirement for minimum or maximum performance loss due to jamming. The requirement, simply stated, is that the AEW controller must have some system performance in the presence of jamming. Automatic Detection and Tracking The radar must incorporate automatic detection and tracking of both surface and air targets. Surface targets in this context implies ships.

The controllers do not have time to evaluate the relative merits of two sets of track data displayed from two different sensors. The system must do this automatically and present the result on the display, giving AEW controllers a very high degree of confidence that the displayed data is accurate. Mapping A capability for radar mapping is desirable, primarily for the ability to accurately update a ground-stabilized picture based on known geographical coordinates. The advanced navigation systems that will be incorporated into future AEW systems (such as multiple inertial, global positioning system [GPS], and others) may preclude the need for ground mapping for the purpose of navigation update.

The IFF system should have a covert means of operation that allows AEW controllers to interrogate and tactical aircraft to reply covertly to the AEW platform interrogations. 3). It is used to identify a particular emitter (such as an air search radar on a military vessel or a fire control radar at a surface-to-air 28 missile site), to associate it with a particular type of platform or weapon system, and to provide a line of bearing from the AEW platform to the emitter. , to determine the target location passively by using multiple intersecting lines of bearing.

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Airborne Early Warning System Concepts by Maurice W. Long

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