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Air Force Colors 1926-1942 by Dana Bell PDF

By Dana Bell

ISBN-10: 0897470915

ISBN-13: 9780897470919

Air strength colours Vol 1: 1926-42

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At this time, several squadrons of Chinese MiG-15s had been moved to southern China where they were in position to intercept the transports in their re-supply effort. S. Navy responded by moving the carrier task force into position near Vietnam. We started immediate intelligence briefings on the MiG-15’s performance and tactics. What had only been a distant possibility of encountering MiGs 36 Naval Air Operations when we were patrolling in Korea was now a distinct possibility. Every step of our plans and preparations was directed toward this end.

We arrived in the Sea of Japan in December 1953 and joined another carrier operating off the coast of Korea. S. carrier went into port in Japan. After a little shore leave and replenishment, the other carrier relieved us and we got some time in port. Our ports included Yokuska near Tokyo and Itazuki in southern Japan and we were usually in port for about two weeks. Occasionally, there were times when both carriers were at sea and operating together. During one of our port visits, we had one of those large “screw ups” that occur at times in big operations.

I knew from all of the responses that I had received that there were few openings around the country for test pilots. I felt extremely fortunate being selected by the NACA. I was headed directly from college into a test-flying slot without first working as a flight test engineer.

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Air Force Colors 1926-1942 by Dana Bell

by William

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