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Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flyers - download pdf or read online

By Wei Shyy, Yongsheng Lian, Jian Tang, Dragos Viieru, Hao Liu

ISBN-10: 0521882788

ISBN-13: 9780521882781

Low Reynolds quantity aerodynamics is necessary to a few common and man-made flyers. Birds, bats, and bugs were of curiosity to biologists for years, and lively learn within the aerospace engineering group, prompted via curiosity in micro air autos (MAVs), has been expanding swiftly. the first concentration of this publication is the aerodynamics linked to mounted and flapping wings. The ebook think about either organic flyers and MAVs, together with a precis of the scaling laws-which relate the aerodynamics and flight features to a flyer's sizing at the foundation of easy geometric and dynamics analyses, structural flexibility, laminar-turbulent transition, airfoil shapes, and unsteady flapping wing aerodynamics. The interaction among flapping kinematics and key dimensionless parameters equivalent to the Reynolds quantity, Strouhal quantity, and lowered frequency is highlighted. a number of the unsteady carry enhancement mechanisms also are addressed, together with modern vortex, speedy pitch-up and rotational stream, wake seize, and clap-and-fling.

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Bugs attached to the wing surface might rapidly decrease the glide ratio by 30%. One should also note that the large raptors have long wingspans, but wide wings, and not particularly large AR. 6 Wing-Beat Frequency The main function of wing bones is to transmit force to the external environment during flight. This force can, however, not be too high when there is a risk for bone or muscle failure. These limitations, along with the power available from flight muscles, settle the upper and lower limits of wing-beat frequency for flapping animals (Kirkpatrick, 1994; Pennycuick, 1989, 1996).

13) it is easy to determine the stroke time scale T, and because the frequency f is proportional to f ∼ T −1 we get, T = ␻˙ −1/2 ⇒ f ∝ ␻˙ 1/2 . 14) A relation between the body mass m and the maximum wing-beat frequency fmax , can also be derived: fmax ∼ T −1 ∼ l −1 ∼ m−1/3 . 15) With the assumption of geometric similarity, this is the upper limit of the flapping frequency. For the lower-flapping-frequency limit, which is the case for most birds in slow forward flight or hovering, the induced velocity wi , which is the airflow speed in the wake right beneath the animal, dominates.

After separation, the laminar flow forms a free-shear layer, which is contained between outer edge S T of the viscous region and the mean dividing streamline ST . Downstream of the transition point T, turbulence can entrain significant amount of high-momentum fluid through diffusion (Roberts, 1980), which enables the separated flow to reattach to the wall and form a turbulent free-shear layer. The turbulent free-shear layer is contained between lines T R and T R. The recirculation zone is bounded by the ST R and STR.

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Aerodynamics of Low Reynolds Number Flyers by Wei Shyy, Yongsheng Lian, Jian Tang, Dragos Viieru, Hao Liu

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