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Read e-book online Adobe Photoshop Elements 8: Maximum Performance. Unleash the PDF

By Mark Galer

ISBN-10: 0240521838

ISBN-13: 9780240521831

Using a special mix of step-by-step tasks, motion picture tutorials and pattern pictures, Mark Galer publications the reader throughout the strongest photograph modifying instruments that parts has to offer. Discussing and demonstrating the abilities and know-how to create professional-quality effects with this budget-priced software program. even if optimizing pictures for printing, bettering pictures for optimum influence, or growing awesome, seamless montages, this e-book will allow any aspiring electronic expert to get the utmost functionality from the credits crunch authorized software.

The package deal is complted with an astonishingly entire DVD filled with over 7 hours of motion picture tutorials, a hundred+ pattern pictures, a inventory picture gallery in addition to computerized activities to get much more out of the software.

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Performance Tip In the example some of the highlights (excluding the sun) are only just recoverable. If you are presented with a landscape with even more contrast, the only way of achieving additional information in the highlights or shadows is to bracket the exposures (covered in the ‘High Dynamic Range’ project in Part 3 of this book). 44 Project 2: Localized Adjustments ImAGE ON DVD The subject contrast is lower after the sun has set, making the exposure merge easier 45 3 Project 3 Preparing for Print Setting the levels in a digital image is only the first step to achieving optimized images.

I saw the detail with my own eyes but the camera saw something different. I want it back and in this project I will show you how to get it. 2. We need to do this in two stages because full detail can’t be achieved in Adobe Camera Raw. Adobe Camera Raw is a ‘global’ editor and cannot localize its adjustments to specific areas of the image. First raise the Fill Light slider to +35 and reduce the Blacks to 2 to retrieve the shadow detail. 5 stops and lowering the Brightness slider to +25 will improve the midtone contrast in the foreground.

Instead of clicking on a neutral tone within the image with the White Balance tool (to create a neutral white balance) the Temperature slider has been lowered to something just above freezing by dragging it to the left! This had induced some extensive saturation clipping but now expresses the mood I am after. 26 Project 1: Adobe Camera Raw 10. Clarity The Clarity slider can be used to effectively increase localized contrast and give images more apparent depth (and sometimes make them a little sharper).

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 8: Maximum Performance. Unleash the hidden performance of Elements by Mark Galer

by Richard

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