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Wild boars and deer are common. Asiatic black bears, tigers, leopards, and wolves used to roam the mountains and forests. But few are left. In 2003, scientists discovered a new animal in South Korea’s forests. It is a type of salamander. The Asiatic black bear is an endangered species in South Korea. 38 The crane is a symbol of good luck for South Koreans. Red-crowned cranes are large. 5 m) high. More than four hundred birds spend time in South Korea. Off the coast, sharks, squid, and octopuses are at home in the seas.

The artist known as Rain (right) is one of the country’s biggest pop stars. 33 At Home Many older homes in South Korea were made of clay and wood. Newer houses are built with concrete. In cities, most people live in apartment buildings because space is limited. 34 Four out of five South Koreans live in a city. Most South Koreans sleep on mats on the floor. This is the traditional way. But some people have beds. 35 Did You Know? Most homes have an ancient heating system under their floors. This is why Koreans eat and sleep on the floor, where it is warm.

43 THE FLAG OF SOUTH KOREA South Korea’s flag is called the Taegeukgi. It became the official flag of South Korea in 1950. The red and blue circle stands for the two opposite forces in the universe. The set of lines in the upper left means heaven. The lines in the bottom right stand for earth. The lines in the lower left mean fire, while the lines in the upper right stand for water. The white background stands for the purity of the Korean people in their love of€peace. 44 FAST FACTS Full Country Name: Republic of Korea Area: 38,022 square miles (98,477 square kilometers), or about the same size as Indiana MAIN LANDFORMS: the Central Mountain region, including the mountain ranges of Taebaek and Sobaek; the Southwestern Plain; the Southern Plain MAJOR RIVERS: Nakdong, Han, Geum ANIMALS AND THEIR HABITATS: wild pony, roe deer (Jeju Island); salamander, wild boar, deer, red fox (woods); Manchurian crane, seagull, sea hawk, egret (coast); abalone, shark, squid, octopus (ocean); carp, eel, trout (lakes) 45 CAPITAL CITY: Seoul OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Korean POPULATION: about 49,045,000 GLOSSARY ancestors: relatives who lived long ago capital: a city where the government is located continent: any one of seven large areas of land.

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