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By Riccardo Petrella (auth.), Diederik Aerts, Jan Broekaert, Willy Weyns (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9400708564

ISBN-13: 9789400708563

ISBN-10: 9401037418

ISBN-13: 9789401037419

A global in Transition, Humankind and Nature is properly entitled after its objective for an intrinsic estate of fact: swap.
Of significant main issue, during this period of transformation, is the wide and profound interplay of humankind with nature. The global-scale social and technological venture of humankind certainly contains a myriad of alterations of the ecosphere. This e-book develops, from the decision for an interdisciplinary synthesis and appreciate of plurality, acknowledging the evolving clinical fact, to the necessity for an built-in yet unavoidably provisional worldview.
individuals from assorted components of the realm concentrate on 4 modes of swap: (i) Social swap and the person situation, (ii) advanced evolution and primary emergent variations, (iii) Ecological transformation and accountability inquiries, (iv) The economic-ecological and socio-technical equilibria.
basically occupied with the deep modifications of humankind and of the connection among people and nature, it really is addressed to a extensive and considering public that desires to be stored informed.

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What is still more significant is that globalization differs from internationalization and multinationalization in two other respects. The first is the fact that globalization results in the end of national industrial capitalism marked by the gradual disappearance of the principles, rules and modes of organization and enhancement of natural and immaterial resources of the 'national' system: national State, national economy, national currency, national bank, national postal and telecommunications services, national markets, and so on.

Wars 7. Crime and violence 8. ) 9. Global economic differences 10. Unrestrained development of science and technology 11. Crisis of restructuring in industrially developed countries 12. Conflicts among civilizations, ethical dissimilarities Mental risk-factors: 13. Nationalism, fundamentalism 14. Moral degeneration 15. Emotional and mental aberration The tendency one may notice in this list of risk-factors points to the distress and suspicion most of us feel in case of any change. The change, and therefore development, is always accompanied by contradictions and 24 BORISZ SZANTO a certain amount of risk.

Evolution means that an evolving functional system can therefore either be in the process of its progression (sequential phases tending toward qualitatively higher evolutionary levels) or in retrogression (movement toward degeneration). From the system's point of view, progression is a steadily growing self-developing ability, the way of self-perfection. Retrogression, on the other hand, is a steady decline of its performance, a determined reduction of the problem-setting and problem-solving ability, which inevitably leads to gradual narrowing of the system's scale of activity, the specialization, sacrificing its own parts, and finally to its disintegration.

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A World In Transition: Humankind and Nature: The Green Book of “Einstein Meets Magritte” by Riccardo Petrella (auth.), Diederik Aerts, Jan Broekaert, Willy Weyns (eds.)

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