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By Israel Regardie

ISBN-10: 0875426905

ISBN-13: 9780875426907

A simple advent to the sensible Qabala as a highway map to the subconscious, and to Man's interrelationship with the Universe -- with specific emphasis on mental integration, magick, and non secular development.

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With the Buddhists of China, this is Kwan Shi Yin; Vishnu and Ishvara with the Hindus. Chokmah is the Word, the Greek Logos, and the Mernrah of the Targum. The Sepher Yetsirah names it "The Illuminating Intelligence"; its planet is Uranus-although traditionally the Sphere of the Zodiac is allocated thereto. Its colour is grey; its perfume the orchitic Musk, plant the Amaranth, which is the flower of immortality; and the Four Twos of the Tarot. Its precious stones are the Star Ruby representing the male energy of the creative Star, and the Turquoise suggesting Mazlos, the Sphere of the Zodiac.

Its secondary aspect is that it receives from the previous Sephiros, or from above, in the case of Keser; and third, it transmits its own nature, and that received from above, to those Sephiros below. 48 A GARDEN OF POl'rIEGRANATES II. tAH The first Sephirah (the essence of Being-Spil'it-Matter) contained in essence and potentiality the other nine Sephiros and gave rise to them in a process which can be mathematically stated. S. " He answers the question in his Introduction to the Kabbalah Unveiled: " By reflection of itself.

The Hindu legends narrate that the Swan (Hansa) when given milk mixed with water for its food separated the two, drinking the milk and leaving the water-this being supposed to show its transcendent wisdom. The Hawk also is a correspondence. Bearing in mind that Keser is the Monad, the individual point-of-view, we can understand that the Hawk is so attributed because it has the habit of remaining poised in mid-air, looking down from the blue re~her to earth and bcholding all things with the eye of utter detachment.

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