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Get 101 Facts... Polar Animals! Polar Animal Books for Kids (101 PDF

By IP Factly

Polar animal books for children - a enjoyable and engaging manner for younger readers to determine extra concerning the polar animal adaptations.
This polar animals booklet for children mixes evidence, images or even incorporates a video clip part.

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5 meters). Because of this, it can fly without flapping its wings for several hours. It mates for life and breeds every two years on islands in the Southern Ocean. 41 Giant Petrel by NOAA Photo Library Wilson’s storm petrel is one of the most abundant bird species in the world, found on every continent, even Antarctica. 4 ounces (40 grams), it is the smallest warm-blooded animal that breeds in the 42 Antarctic region. 43 Antarctic Animals - Fish & Other Sea Creatures Antarctic krill are small, shrimp-like creatures that live in schools and swarms of thousands in the Southern Ocean, serving as food for penguins, whales and other animals in the Antarctic.

The Antarctic sea urchin is found on the seabed of the Southern Ocean. It ranges in color from dull red to bright purple, and is covered in spines and tube feet that it uses to move across the ocean floor. 8 meters) long. It does not have a swim bladder, the gas-filled organ that enables fish to float, but is one of few fish that are neutrally buoyant, enabling it to swim without much effort, although it usually stays at the bottom of the ocean floor. What makes the Antarctic toothfish even more amazing is that it has antifreeze glycoproteins in its blood – proteins that prevent water from forming ice crystals inside it.

Emperor penguins are also the deepest divers among birds, able to dive to depth of more than 1700 feet (518 meters) to eat fish and krill. When underwater, they can hold their breath for up to 18 minutes. The gentoo penguin has the longest tail of all penguins, which sweeps from side to side as it waddles. It is known for its loud trumpeting call which it gives with its head thrown back. The macaroni penguin is distinguished by its yellow crest and red eyes. Its breeding colonies are the largest among penguins, composed of more than 50,000 pairs.

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101 Facts... Polar Animals! Polar Animal Books for Kids (101 Animal Facts Book 9) by IP Factly

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